Quick fun meals for kids


                               Hello Kitty sandwich

                                 Angry Birds meatballs

                                       Bicycle on rice



Happy Easter!

I'll be out for my Easter holiday and I wish you Happy Easter to all of you and have a quality time with your family and friends!


Salmon rolls in 5 min

Salmon rolls ready in 5 minutes!

Olives, smoked salmon, yogurt on a lettuce leaf.

Add spinach and dill ( I had frozen spinach and frozen dill and I must say, you don't need to cut or chop, just smash it into your hands and sprinkle)

And you need more a spring onion and here you have a salmon roll ready in 5 minutes!


Frozen sisters birthday cake and cupcakes decorating ideas

Disney Frozen birthday cake topper or Disney Frozen cupcakes rings?

Firstly, we start with some beautiful Frozen invitations in order to send to the guests the location, the date and hour and of the best birthday party ever!

Don't forget the decorations and the most of all the balloons and the pinata!

My favorite Frozen Anna and Elsa party pinata bought from Amazon here

And for the Frozen birthday table decoration, I'll choose some Frozen cupcakes and a Frozen pinata instead of a centerpiece.

24 Disney Frozen Cupcake Rings & 24 Baking Cups

We need now the best Frozen sisters birthday cake topper. 

But before the cake or cupcakes, I think the kids will need to eat something and I was thinking to this quick meal.

or based on meatballs 

For me, the magical Frozen sisters birthday party should look like this:

Source: pinterest

What do you think?!
Did you ever organized a themed birthday party, what about a Disney Frozen birthday party?


Easter apple juice

The apple juice is a good choice for your Easter menu.

Here you have my Easter apple juice made with 4 apples, 2 carrots and 2 oranges.

Enjoy your Easter!


Cherries made with cheese

Cherries made with cheese on sandwich with spinach leaf, a slice of cheese, a slice of bread and beetroot pieces.


Hello Kitty sandwich

Hello Kitty sandwich is ready in 5 minutes and is good for school lunch, snacks or even breakfast.

Hello Kitty sandwich made with cheese between 2 bread slices, ham, carrots and pickled beet root!

Less is Healthy

If you're looking for funny meals for kids parties, check my website Less is Healthy in order to get recipes for homemade cheap healthy meals for kids, made with less effort and resources but designed in a funny and artistic way.

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