December 21, 2011

Quick meals for the week before Christmas

I am sure you do not have time to cook in the week before Christmas so here you have a list of quick meals for the week before Christmas.

To serve for dinner or lunch: Salad with caraway seeds and chicken ready in 15 minutes or if you have already boiled potatoes, another quick salad, ready in 5 minutes: German salad with sweet potatoes.

As for a healthy low in calories dinner, you may want to try a quick meal ready in 5 minutes: Apple and sunflower seeds salad.


Hello Elena :-) Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you keep coming back to it, esp. if you like easy-to-cook, light-on-spices Indian dishes. Your own blog is quite spectacular -- I had no idea, in fact, that caraway was used in Western cooking. One lives and learns :-)

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