September 3, 2014

Quick gluten free meal

Quick gluten free meal is perfect for a fancy dinner in family or a late Sunday lunch because is cheap, is healthy and is ready in 20 minutes!

Quick gluten free meal with rice, veggies and roasted chicken is so easy, cheap and simple to cook!


3 medium carrots peeled and chopped
3 big bell peppers chopped
6 big mushrooms peeled and trimmed
3 chicken legs already cooked( roasted or fried chicken legs)
olive oil
salt, pepper, chilli

Heat a pan and mix all for 12 minutes on medium heat and by the end, add soya sauce, 2 - 3 spoons of dark soya sauce.

In the meanwhile, boil Jasmine rice, 2 cups of Jasmine rice.

And serve one part of boiled Jasmine rice with one part of cooked veggies with chicken.

One tip only for a grown-up meal: add half of cup or less of dry red wine on the veggies and chicken and less to cook another 5 minutes. It will taste fantastic!

What do you think of my quick gluten free meal for lunch or dinner or even for a fancy Sunday afternoon family meal? 
It is gluten free and is super delicious! Will you give it a try?!

Note: Thank you to all my visitors for buying from Amazon through my ads, you all are helping me to pay my breast cancer treatment and keeping a healthy diet.


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